How do I get started?


Just what is this ‘Produce Pak’?

This fresh, organic produce pak is delivered to your doorstep. These variety paks are put together for you every 2 weeks with Certified Organically Grown (COG) produce and quality checked by the Wildly Organic! Team.

Every 2 weeks you can receive a variety of different fruits and vegetables, standard items that will come year round as well as seasonal items. This ensures you will receive a variety of fun items that will change throughout the year. Each Produce Pak is just $35 and the delivery is free.


Check Out The Contents Of This Weeks Pak!

Each Produce Pak is packed with care by the Wildly Organic! Team!

Get Things Rolling!

This is how to set up your regular delivery of organic produce:

  1. Sign up by either giving us a call or register on the website.
  2. Credit Card or Debit Card will be required for your payment.
  3. You will be placed on the delivery schedule within 10 days of application.

The Delivery Details!

This is what you will receive:

  1. You get to choose the items in each of your orders.
  2. The Wildly Organic Produce Pak will be delivered to your home or drop site on your pre-arranged day.
  3. Each pak will be full of a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Each order must be a minimum of $35 for delivery.
  5. Your card will be charged on Monday if your receive your order on Monday or Tuesday. If you receive your deliveries on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday you will be charged on Wednesdays of your delivery week.
  6. Your pak will be left at your door or a location of your choosing.
  7. You are not required to be home at the time of your delivery.
  8. The Market Opens every 2 weeks on Thursday Evenings, when the product and prices have been updated.
  9. If there is something you absolutely do not want, just go to the ‘NEVER SENDS’.
  10. You can make as many substitutions you like each week.
  11. On your next delivery day, leave your empty bin on the doorstep and we will replace it with a pak of fresh organic produce.
  12. Your service can continue every 2 weeks, or whatever schedule you decide.
  13. All cancellations must be received within 24 hours of market closure.
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