The Food

Food, glorious food! Who knew life would be so good when we decided  to begin living sooooo healthy! In honor of this better life, be sure and review the following areas for your fullest satisfaction.

Recipes – You will see this area grow, as we discover recipes worthy of you and  the fruits and veggies you will find in your orders.

Nutrition – It seems that the more healthy things are, the tastier they can be. Even if  you  have experienced something to the contrary, its time to try again and see that good food should also have great flavor.

Juicing – More and more juicing is happening, from a yummy daily smoothie to health packed green juicing drinks. These fruit and vegetable drinks are becoming more popular and, for some, a staple in everyday life. Please feel welcome to draw from our site, learning from our experiences and recipe’s.

Why Organic? First of all, why not! Ha! Shortly after starting this little business of ours, customers would rant about the quality and flavor of the produce they were getting from Wildly Organic!  It became apparent to me that my amazing wife Aimee had spoiled me for years with good, tasty, interesting, good for me organic food! The nutritional reasons are being substantiated more and more through much needed research. Come on in and silence those critics who have not yet discovered that they too could be living the better life.

Seasonal Charts – Yep, food grows in seasons! Because most items are available year round due to modern harvest and transportation practices, its easy to forget that some things are just plain seasonal! You will find this very true with organic produce. Produce eaten  in season is better for your body and our environment since it means less carbon emissions from transportation plus the produce will have higher nutrient dense foods since its grown closer to home . These charts may give you an interesting understanding of when to look for specific items to be available locally and to help you plan for certain ‘seasonal’ dishes.

Bulk – Sometimes ‘more’ is simply ‘more’. Keep an eye towards those sweet deals for your freezing and preserving. You will see a variety of seasonal bulk items throughout the year. If there is a particular item you would like to order bulk, just let us know and we can get you a special price.  So, make spending money fun and economical!

Okay, enough of my ramblings, start clicking the pages now for your food enjoyment.

Cheers everyone and enjoy!


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