About Us

Sharing our passion for great tasting, healthy fruits & veggies with our friends and neighbors in Kitsap and the surrounding communities!


Wildly Organic was started with a basic desire to have fresh organic produce easily accessible to the families of Kitsap County. Dale and Aimee King started Wildly Organic in September 2007. After a year of running a small food co-op with friends, they decided to venture out and try something new. Thus was born, Wildly Organic. Since then, Wildly Organic has been bringing local and fresh organic produce to the families of Kitsap and Pierce County.

Working, raising kids, community involvement, family and friends are all the things that can make eating healthy low on the priority list. With all the other ‘convenient’ foods that are so readily available, it can feel like swimming upstream trying to eat healthy. That’s were Wildly Organic comes in, making shopping easier and giving you easy access to the best organic produce around. Hopefully we can bring you some peace of mind knowing that we are on your side, swimming right next to you!

Wildly Organic loves the wild side, so, naturally we believe in promoting large and small organic farming efforts locally and worldwide. As the demand for organic produce grows, so will the need for more organic farming. We want to help ensure that everyone has access to healthy organic produce and our future generations have a healthy planet. That being said, this conviction is nicely satisfied by simply providing more organically grown produce to more folks.

Wildly Yours!

Dale & Aimee King

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